Coffee Brewing Guide - Week 2: Pour Over: Clever Dripper

A few weeks back we began the Plot Espresso brew guide for our favourite coffee brewing methods. Our first installment was the Aeropress. As well as the traditional method, the Aeropress also accommodates the inverted method, this gives the brew more steep time and makes it impossible for the brewing liquid to escape during the infusion phase.

The Theatre of Coffee - our experience at the London Coffee Festival

The quality of our coffee and the methods in which we brew our carefully selected beans are crucial to the bespoke experience that we offer our customers. We pride ourselves on the excellent standards of our coffee, from sourcing the beans, training our staff, to choosing a perfect taste profile that best suits the values of our clients and their businesses. The experience of your guests is paramount and excellent coffee is at the heart this.


Coffee Brewing Guide - Week 1: Aeropress

Here at Plot Espresso we have decided to share our baristas favourite brew methods over a series of posts during the coming weeks. We appreciate the importance of a good cup of coffee iday to day lives, and we also appreciate how making this happen at home is a little more of a challenging experience than popping out to our favourite coffee spot. We enjoy great coffee at home and at the Plot Espresso headquarters so we are sharing the methods that best suit us. And they are super easy.

Our Top Three Coffee Books


With the coming of Spring means for many of us coffee lovers, a refreshed insight into the world of specialty coffees. It is as if Spring is the dawn of a new year in the industry - for us at Plot and our mobile coffee, it is an opportunity to delve into the cauldron of what’s new and exciting; the new emerging professionals on the scene, the even finer points of a perfect extraction, and the open canvas of innovation in the world of customer experience and experience design within UK coffee shop culture.